Fuji Ya was the very first Japanese restaurant to open in Minnesota. Reiko Weston was the original founder who started Fuji Ya from a two car garage building back in 1959. As business grew over time, in 1968, Reiko acquired and turned an old flour mill in downtown Minneapolis by the river front into a traditional Japanese restaurant. Customers enjoyed the matted floor seating, bamboo décor, papered walls, and of course the authentic Japanese cuisines and sushi.

In 1990, the city bought out the historic restaurant building to make room for a parkway, and there was no Fuji Ya for almost 10 years. Then the opening of Fuji Ya at the Uptown location on Lyn-Lake was an instant hit. Regulars and new customers filled up the newly renovated tire store. Year 2015 marks Fuji Ya’s 55 year anniversary and people visited from all over to celebrate with friends and families. The restaurant achieved multiple awards for its long standing success in the community. In 2002, City Pages Magazine voted Fuji Ya, “BEST JAPANESE RESTAURANT”; 2010, Vitamin magazine voted “BEST SUSHI”; 2014, Mpls/St. Paul Magazine voted Fuji Ya, “BEST JAPANESE”, along with many more awards throughout the years.

Fuji Ya is known for its fresh quality fish and the many specialty rolls such as the Dynamite, Winter, Dragon, Rainbow, and New York rolls, along with other authentic Japanese dishes. The Uptown location has three private zashiki rooms that can be expanded into one large space and can accommodate 20+ guests. Also, if you are into traditional Japanese Ramen noodles, every Wednesday night is Ramen night, a big hit around town selling up to 75 bowls per night. It would be our pleasure to take care of your sushi craving, whether it’s for dining in or for take out.

*Catering is also available, including special requests for an onsite sushi chef.

Andrew Zimmern Loves Fuji Ya!


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